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The Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
Home Archive of journals Issue 2(26) 2017 Iceberg risk analysis for the Northern sea route: LNG carrier study case


JOURNAL: 2017, 2(26), p. 76-81

RUBRIC: Shipbuilding for the Arctic

AUTHORS: Aleksandrov A.V., Ivanovskaya O.D., Matantsev R.A., Shaposhnikov V.M.

ORGANIZATIONS: Krylov State Research Centre

DOI: 10.25283/2223-4594-2017-2-76-81

UDC: 629.5

The article was received on: 06.12.2016

Keywords: strength after accident, Icebergs, Iceberg Danger, ice loads, Northern Sea Route

Bibliographic description: Aleksandrov A.V., Ivanovskaya O.D., Matantsev R.A., Shaposhnikov V.M. Iceberg risk analysis for the Northern sea route: LNG carrier study case. The Arctic: ecology and economy, 2017, no. 2(26), pp. 76-81. DOI:10.25283/2223-4594-2017-2-76-81. (In Russian).


The paper addresses the issue of ship/iceberg collision risks during navigation via the Northern Sea Route (NSR). The risk sources considered for ships include both the probability of ship collision with an iceberg and risks of substantial structural damage in case of ship impact against an iceberg.
Analysis of advance detecting systems and analysis of iceberg occurrence in the NSR are performed. Computer simulation of ship collisions in the NSR conditions where a possibility of ship maneuvering is considered demonstrates that the probability of ship/iceberg collisions in the NSR is rather high.
Issues of ship strength after accident under ship hull/iceberg collisions are considered for LNG carriers of MOSS, SPB and GTT No.6 types. When evaluating the hull components load-carrying capacity, full scale tests are preferred. Computer methods for strength evaluation could be also used when validation of computational methods is required.
LNG carrier hull damageability in case of ship/iceberg collisions is estimated. Owing to the double side structure mandatory for LNG carriers, the hull strength is ensured.
The complex analysis demonstrates that the integrated probability of LNG carrier /iceberg collisions and critical hull damaging is small that permits to accentuate the high reliability of LNG carriers in the NSR.


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