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Arctic: ecology and economy
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Home » Archive of journals » Issue 4(16) 2014 » The system of basic research in the Arctic and the geopolitical interests of circumpolar countries


JOURNAL: 2014, №4(16), p. 86-92

RUBRIC: Political problems of international relations in the Arctic

AUTHORS: Pavlenko V.I., Podoplekin A.A., Kutsenko S.S.

ORGANIZATIONS: Arkhangelsk Scientific Center of RAS Ural Branch

UDC: 551.5

Keywords: geopolitical interests, national research interests, area of knowledge, basic research, circumpolar countries

Bibliographic description: Pavlenko V.I., Podoplekin A.A., Kutsenko S.S. The system of basic research in the Arctic and the geopolitical interests of circumpolar countries. Arctic: ecology and economy, 2014, no. 4(16), pp. 86-92. DOI: . (In Russian).


The article provides a brief description and analysis of the mechanisms of formation, arrangement and implementation of national policies of circumpolar countries in the field of basic research in the Arctic, as well as generalization and systematization of research areas and subjects of scientific institutions of the circumpolar countries.

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