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Arctic: ecology and economy
ISSN 2223-4594
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Doctor of Engineering Sciences


MI KSC RAS (Mining Institute of the Kola Science Center of RAS)

E-mail: vladimirr@goi.kolasc.net.ru

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EnviMine International Project: Developing Environmental and Geodynamical Safety Related to Mine Closure in the Barents regionSmirnov Y.G., Konukhin V.V., Kozyrev .., Väisänen U.U., Hirvasniemi H.H., Johansson P.P., Kivilompolo J.J., Kouri P.P., Kupila J.J., Pietikäinen K.K., Pihlaja J.J., Alakangas L.L., Zaitsev V.V. 3 (11) 201376-83
Operational control of the concrete strength properties using a non-destructive method in the construction of critical concrete structures in the Arctic conditionsOrlov A.O., Smirnov Y.G., Konukhin V.V.MI KSC RAS4 (8) 201236-39
The Experience of Seismotomographical Investigations of the Soil Condition of RW Treatment and Long-Term Storage Facilities at Saida BayKonukhin V.V., Abramov N.N., Kabeyev E.E.MI KSC RAS3 (7) 201230-37
The Research of Underground Sources for Water Supply of Cities in the North (City of Apatity as an Example)Orlov A.O., Smirnov Y.G., Konukhin V.V., Kozyrev ..MI KSC RAS2 (6) 201258-65

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