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The Arctic: ecology and economy
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Considering long-term climatic changes in the key zones of social and economic development of the Russian Arctic for the navigation and industrial capacity extensionDrozdov V.V.Krylov State Research Centre2 (34) 201964-79
Arctic Supply Vessel Design taking into account the Cargo Flow Structure of the Transport SystemTarovik O.V., Kondratenko A.A.Krylov State Research Centre2 (34) 201980-96
Maritime activities and the issues of life rescue in the Russian ArcticNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Valdman N.A.Krylov State Research Centre1 (33) 2019118-128
The concept of an integrated information system for planning of fleet operation in the ArcticTimofeyev O.Y., Tarovik O.V., Topaj A.G., Mironov Y.U., Frolov S.V., Buyanov A.S., Gorbachev M.A., Bengert A.A.Krylov State Research Centre, State Research Center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute", Central Marine Research and Design Institute, Scientific Logistics Center LLC, Northern Sea Route Directorate of the State Atomi Energy Corporation Rosatom1 (33) 2019129-143
Ensuring ecological safety in the development of the shelf seas resources and the environmental management on the basis of the sustainability assessment of marine ecosystems to technogenic impactDrozdov V.V.Krylov State Research Centre4 (32) 201855-69
Conceptual principles for creating a polar drifting research platformPolovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Timofeyev O.Y., Makarov A.S., Likhomanov V.A., Sokolov V.T., Chernov A.V., Mogutin Y.B.Krylov State Research Centre, State Research Center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute"3 (31) 201865-75
Fast-speed escorting of heavy tonnage vessels by icebreakers: researching in ice model tankDobrodeev A.A., Sazonov K.E.Krylov State Research Centre3 (31) 201876-83
Prospects of the development of domestic arctic marine technologies related to liquefied natural gasNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A.Krylov State Research Centre2 (30) 201868-82
Prospective technical means of personnel evacuation from emergency offshore oil and gas platforms in arctic conditions Krylov State Research Centre1 (29) 201884-91
Innovative developments of Krylov State Research Centre to improve the safety and reliability of vessels with podded trust units in extreme ice conditionsBelyashov V.A., Vasilev N.V., Makarov V.V., Pautov L.G.Krylov State Research Centre1 (29) 201892-103
Design Problems and development prospects for ice-resistant semisubmersible floating drilling unitsKryzhevich G.B.Krylov State Research Centre4 (28) 2017108-117
Technology of diagnostic assurance of the floating thermal nuclear power plantMyasnikov Y.N., Horoshev V.G.Krylov State Research Centre3 (27) 201769-85
Comprehensive Simulation Model of Marine Transport and Support System for Prirazlomnaya PlatformTarovik O.V., Topaj A.G., Zaykin D.A., Kondratenko A.A., Krestyantsev A.B.Krylov State Research Centre, Gazprom Neft Shelf3 (27) 201786-102
Issues related to raising the speeds of heavy-tonnage cargo vessels during year-round arctic operationsSazonov K.E., Pustoshny A.V.Krylov State Research Centre3 (27) 2017103-110
Iceberg risk analysis for the Northern sea route: LNG carrier study caseAleksandrov A.V., Ivanovskaya O.D., Matantsev R.A., Shaposhnikov V.M.Krylov State Research Centre2 (26) 201776-81
Arctic Marine Transport System Simulation: Multidisciplinary Approach Fundamentals and Practical ExperienceTarovik O.V., Topaj A.G., Kondratenko A.A., Krestyantsev A.B.Krylov State Research Centre1 (25) 201786-101
Shipbuilding capabilities for creating the infrastructure in the Arctic regionNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Ryzhkov V.V., Iljushkin A.P., Volkov V.A.Krylov State Research Centre, JSC CDB Monolith, CJSC Atomenergo1 (25) 2017102-119
Development of advanced patterns of cryogenic steels for gas vessels and stationary storage tanks of liquefied natural gas designed for Arctic conditionsNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Matrosov M.M., Zikeev V.V., Martynov P.P., Shulga E.E., Semin A.A.Krylov State Research Centre, I. P. Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Federal State Research and Design Institute of Rare Metal Industry (Giredmet)4 (24) 201680-89
Development of methodological approaches to the assessment of economic losses caused by oil spills in formation of insurance protection of off shore facilities on the shelfValdman N.A., Malyarenko N.N., Kulikova L.L., Kuzyachkin S.S., Emelyanov R.R.Krylov State Research Centre, JSC SOGAS3 (23) 201650-57
Study of world experience of ice conditions control.Sazonov K.E., Kostylev A.A.Krylov State Research Centre3 (23) 201686-97
Experimental methods for determination of total ice loads on marine engineering structuresChernov A.V., Sazonov K.E.Krylov State Research Centre, State Research Center "Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute"2 (22) 201690-97
Nuclear icebreakers and development of the Arctic shelfNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Shlyachkov V.V.Krylov State Research Centre1 (21) 201676-81
Nuclear Energy in the Arctic RegionNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Ustinov V.V., Kuznetsov V.V., Makarov V.V.Krylov State Research Centre, National Research Center Kurchatov Institute4 (20) 201586-95
New experimental capabilities of the Krylov State Research Center for study of ice impact on marine equipmentTimofeyev O.Y., Sazonov K.E., Denisov V.V.Krylov State Research Centre3 (19) 201576-81
Development of maritime activities in the Russian ArcticNikitin V.S., Polovinkin V.N., Simonov Y.A., Ivanov Y.Y.Krylov State Research Centre, Central Marine Research and Design Institute2 (18) 201578-87
Current State and Prospects of Arctic Shipbuilding and NavigationPolovinkin V.N., Alecsashin A.A.Krylov State Research Centre1 (17) 201518-30
Specifics of implementation of new environmental safety requirements for ships and offshore installations in Northern seas and on the Arctic shelfValdman N.A., Timofeyev O.Y., Kryzhevich ..Krylov State Research Centre3 (15) 201479-85
Drilling vessel for the Russian Arctic. The concept of design, construction and operation Krylov State Research Centre2 (14) 201458-60
Comprehensive monitoring an integral part of safety of the Russian ArcticVyalyshev A.A., Dobrov V.V., Bolshagin A.A., Dolgov A.A., Zinovyev S.S., Oltyan I.I., Gorbatsky V.V.Krylov State Research Centre, FGU All-Russian Research Institute on Problems of Civil Defense and Emergencies of EMERCOM of Russia (Federal Centre for Science and High Technology)1 (13) 201438-47
Effect of change in oil viscosity to spill characteristics in cold marine environmentSazonov K.E., Lobachev M.M.Krylov State Research Centre1 (13) 201496-103
Human resources the main problem of the North developmentPolovinkin V.N.Krylov State Research Centre4 (12) 201326-31
Rescue equipment for ice conditions: the current situation and potential solutionsSazonov K.E.Krylov State Research Centre4 (12) 201332-39
Importance of the Northern and Arctic Regions in New Geopolitical and Geo-economic ConditionsPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev ..Krylov State Research Centre, Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC3 (11) 201358-63
A Consideration of Risks in the Construction and Operation of Offshore Wind Power Plants in the Arctic Krylov State Research Centre3 (11) 201384-96
The development of marine power plants that use renewable energy sources Krylov State Research Centre2 (10) 201334-47
Militarization increase tendencies in the Arctic regionPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev ..Krylov State Research Centre, Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC2 (10) 201380-83
Some questions on the establishment of marine transport systems for the removal of hydrocarbons from the ArcticDobrodeev A.A., Sazonov K.E., Dekhtyaruk Y.Y.Krylov State Research Centre2 (10) 201384-91
The marine ice-technology development in Russia: Past and PresentSazonov K.E.Krylov State Research Centre2 (10) 201392-103
History and current state of establishing the planned ice fleet in the Russian FederationPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev ..Krylov State Research Centre, Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC4 (8) 201246-54
Perspective Directions and Challenges of the Arctic Transport System of Russia Development in XXI CenturyPolovinkin V.N., Fomichev ..Krylov State Research Centre, JSC CSPA Leninetz3 (7) 201274-83
Legal and regulatory framework for ensuring environmental safety in offshore oil and gas production in the ArcticValdman N.A., Ilyakova E.E., Pystina N.B., Buchgalter E.E., Jarkich N.N.Krylov State Research Centre, Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC1 (1) 2011116-123

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